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Search On Media Group starts from a project that is more a life project than a business one. The founders, Cosmano Lombardo and Giorgio Taverniti, have walked this way in a period in which the Digital World was not so known in Italy, pushing this subject into their country.

At the beginning of 2004, the forum gt combined into a single space skills, sharing and support, with the aim of spreading the digital culture as more as possible. Today it is still a meeting point for all the passionates of marketing, digital and IT.

The Forum grew bigger and bigger and so did the founders’ experience, so, after having met the CTO Andrea Pernici, it was possible to give birth to gt idea.

The main objective has always been to share ideas and knowledge. After 9 years, the business has grown more and faced a rapid evolution, all factors that have caused the need to leave the past behind and move a step into the future, creating Search On Media Group.

Keeping the same mission in mind, we organized our inner structure so that the business areas which were already part of the plan went to create their own reality. To achieve this goal, next to SEARCH ON MEDIA GROUP, we built SEARCH ON EDUCATION and SEARCH ON CONSULTING which work respectively in online and classroom training through educational events and products and strategic and operational cousulting about digital marketing.

Our team

Within a framework of constant change, we strive to meet customer requirements thanks to a team characterised by high flexibility and problem-solving skills, as well as propensity to project building.

Cosmano Lombardo

CEO & COO Education Department

Giorgio Taverniti

COO Network Department

Andrea Pernici


Marco Quadrella

COO Consulting Department

Daniela Lanzellotto


Gabriele Benedetti

Search Marketing Specialist

Lisa Guerrini

Search Marketing Specialist

Alessandro Terra

Search Marketing Specialist

Angelo Marolla

Social Media Specialist

Michela Lombardo

Social Media Specialist

Francesca Bernini

Social Media Specialist

Vito Esposito

Head of Global Partnership

Robert Coniglio

Web Developer

Rebecca Veri


Andrea Gaia Camillo


Lisa Battaglia


Mirko Malgieri

Press Office

Ingrid Costantino

Graphic Designer

Andrea Azzuni

Sponsor/Customers support

Viviana Chiarenza

Sponsor/Customers support

Alessio Taverniti


Our mission

Our company is divided into three departments which interact and are integrated, sharing the following values which constitute their common denominator:

  • continuous focus on the Internet and ensuing innovations;
  • flexibility and propensity to change;
  • propensity to on-going updating and sharing of know-how;
  • ability to add value to the company by producing common value;
  • constant attention to the customer/user;
  • attention to market trends and to the subsequent development of new business opportunities.


Strategic and operational consulting on Digital Marketing.

We advise and support medium and large-sized enterprises with a view to making the best of all digital opportunities. We analyse the corporate business model and try to improve its performance by correctly using on-line channels, as well as thanks to the efficient use of individual web-marketing leverage points.

Our services

Search Engine Optimization
Search & Social Advertising
In-Company Training
Web Development
Data Intelligence e Web Analytics
Social Media Management
Content Marketing
Usability & User Experience

Some of the companies that have chosen us over the past few years

La Stampa
Diffusione Tessile
Ceramica e Complementi
Comune di Reggio Emilia
Comune di Modena
Edizioni Master
Secolo XIX
Festival del Fundraising
Bottega Verde

Radio 105
Radio Virgin
Radio Montecarlo
Università degli studi di Bologna


We have designed an on-line and classroom project whose goal is to make available training events and products geared towards companies, the various web marketing professions, as well as those who wish to learn about and make the most of the potential to be gained from digital marketing and the Internet.

Our purpose is contributing to the creation of a value system involving institutions, companies and professionals, with a view to allowing those who operate in Italy and on foreign markets to meet the challenges deriving from the advent of the digital era.

Online and classroom training on Digital Marketing

trained pesonnel

italian and foreign speakers

open days throughout Italy and Online

Master Club

When humans teach, they learn

It is an online platform which gives everyone an opportunity to access high-quality products and pathways on Digital Marketing topics. There are two types of account: Account Gratuito [free of charge] and Account Pro, which make it possible to constantly follow all of the online and classroom events in which you are enrolled through private forums, learning materials, feedback and certificates.


The advent of the Internet and the subsequent amount of resulting information risks producing disinformation as regard its use. Ever since it was established, on the 16th of April 2003, the goal of the Network has been to support and work with users with a view to encouraging them to properly use the network. Today our Network has become a real asset for companies, involving professionals from the industry who every day inform, analyse and provide assistance free of charge, through the online Forum and Magazine, as regards approaching the Internet and the Digital Marketing world.


Forum GT

The Forum is the heart of our network.
With over 120,000 registered participants and 130 moderators, it is the largest Italian Digital Marketing community, where experts and newbies meet, exchanging views, experiences, advice and know-how. Everyone involved contributes their knowledge, which results in thought-provoking discussions always based on complete mutual respect.


Because it deals with topics which include SEO, social media marketing and blogging, our Magazine provides a high-quality platform free of charge. Each month more than 750,000 pages are viewed, and every day they contribute to training the growing number of Digital Marketing professionals. All of the updates, news and utilities are free of charge.

Advertising service and DEM campaigns

Thanks to the various sections of the network, we are able to prepare specialized, targeted and efficient advertising campaigns. Our wide range of solutions can be suited to your objective. Your visibility will be boosted through article marketing, banners in one or more of the network channels, or you can use targeted advertising based on DEM campaigns.
Contact us to find out more.

Some of the customers who have chosen our services.

Working Capital
Radio 105

Corporate Social Responsibility

We envisage a world where social accountability is not a choice, but rather a spontaneous and natural condition, an integral part of daily life for every individual, as well as the core of the company’s nature.

Indeed, we believe that the company’s work becomes fully meaningful to the extent that it generates value for customers, but especially for the framework within which it operates.

Hence the starting point for the gt idea corporate project: we combined our passion and potential for the digital sector with a strong desire to help improve numerous aspects of society. We have as many as eight years of experience as regards community online management, training and consulting for the technical and strategic development of digital projects, because we immediately started working to encourage the dissemination of knowledge about Internet and digital marketing-related topics in the three areas where we operate, in the firm belief that our work could thus help generate social and economic value. CSR work is thus conducted in our three company departments:


through affordable consulting services - Goodle Consulting – totally dedicated to the non-profit sector and government organisations working for social development.


through a tour of online and classroom training events free of charge


through free of charge information and assistance

We are staunch supporters of social commitment as a tool for change; at the same time we see the Internet as a huge opportunity for opening up to the world, as well as an instrument to meet societal needs.

Some Goodle customers



We actively cooperate with partners who share the same set of values, aimed at broadly disseminating Digital Marketing concepts. Our purpose is contributing to the creation of a value system involving institutions, companies and professionals, with a view to allowing those who operate in Italy and on foreign markets to meet the challenges posed by the advent of the digital era.

La Stampa
Regione Emilia Romagna
Universita Tuscia
Universita Salerno
Regione Sicilia
Confindustria Umbria
Istituto PM Italia
Confartigianato Milano
Confartigianato Piemonte
Confartigianato Vicenza
Confartigianato Vicenza
Unindustria Bologna
Working Capital Bologna

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Registered office and headquarters
Via Ugo Bassi, 7 - 40121 Bologna
P.IVA 02418200800
Tel: +39 051 0951294 - Email:

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